Letterbox flowers to drop through her front door this Mother’s Day – no ‘sorry we missed you’ postcard in sight

by Malcolm Musgrove

Since we can’t spend IRL time with the people we love most right now, it’s paramount we show our appreciation for them in other ways. And letterbox flowers are a *genius* Mother’s Day gift idea/gift for sisters/best friend gift/lockdown gift idea. You get the picture: a beautiful bouquet of flowers rarely disappoints; letterbox flowers reign supreme as their most long-distance-friendly form.

Sure, we’ve already rounded up the best flower delivery services in the UK and dived deep into the trending world of dried flowers, but letterbox flowers are something of a speciality. Not every major flower delivery service actually boasts a letterbox delivery option, so it’s worth getting clued up on the ones that do. Avoiding any “sorry we missed you” postcards or giant bouquets being swept off to the local sorting office, letterbox flowers will slot neatly through their front door if they’re out on their daily walk/supermarket jaunt.

The best letterbox flowers can be ordered with next day delivery, so if you leave your Mother’s Day shopping to the very last minute (oops!), you needn’t worry. Plus, since most letterbox flowers come in bud to save space in the box, they’ll last for a pretty long time. Over two weeks, in many cases. A Mother’s Day gift that lasts.

Any downsides to ordering letterbox flowers as opposed to their pre-arranged counterparts? Not really, to be honest, besides the fact that they don’t come in water which means they’ll need to be trimmed and popped in a vase pretty sharpish post-delivery.

The best flower delivery services in the UK for Mother’s Day bouquets
The best flower delivery services in the UK for Mother’s Day bouquets

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