Why women should be writing emails like their male colleagues

by Malcolm Musgrove

Writing emails is an artform, especially in a year where communication with our colleagues has been completely virtual thanks to WFH. For women especially, we can often feel like the way we write emails needs to reflect our manner.

This is why we tend to sign off our emails with a ‘x’ or pepper it with exclamation marks to let the receiver know that we are in! a! friendly! mood! Apologising profusely is our forte, saying ‘sorry’ before we ask the receiver if they can do something that is part of their job.

While I realise those aforementioned examples are sprawling gender generalisations, largely pulled from my own experience, this is why it piqued my interest when I saw the now-viral TikTok video that said women should be writing emails more like their male colleagues.

The video, shared by a user known as Vivien (@vivsmee), has been viewed an impressive 3.9 million times and shows Vivien updating her email style to ‘match’ her male colleagues.

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